April 2020 posted by on March 30, 2020

Dear Friends Fans and Music Lovers

Sending out my prayers and love to all.
May we be safe in this world 
from this virus that has taken so many and
praying for a speedy recovery for those in need.

I have been teaching AND studying guitar since I was in Jr. High School. Now after 47 years of performinig
on a weekly basis performing it is no longer an option.

So now what ?
I am involved in online Guitar Lessons.
Using Zoom, Skype, and FB Messanger
I am teaching children and adults the
in’s and out’s and joy of music.
You or your children with time on their hands 
might want to explore this world.
It’s a great place to put your energy in times like this
or actually anytime.

If you are interested, 
please feel free to call or email me at


With all my love and prayers
until we meet again

March 2020 posted by on March 3, 2020
Dear Friends Fans and Music Lovers

This year is off and running my friends !
Working on some new music in my studio,
teaching, and performing has got me 
busy. but it's a good thing .
I enjoy this journey way too much.
Hope you are enjoying yours .....

Stay blessed.....Mark

Friday's 6:00-9:00
Dattilo Ristorante Italiano
2288 E. Florida Ave.
Hemet, CA
(951) 658-4248

Saturday's  5:30-9:30
Toasted Barrel
1300 El Sobrante Rd,
Corona, CA 92879
(951) 737-946

4   Private Event       evening        I.E
5   Private Event       afternoon     I.E
6   Dattilo              6:00-9:00     Hemet
7   Toasted Barrel     5:30-9:30     Corona
11 Private Event      afternoon      O.C.
13 Dattilo             6:00-9:00     Hemet
14 Toasted Barrel    5:30-9:30      Corona
17 Tartan Room        7-11             Orange
18 Private Event      afternoon       I.E.
20 Dattilo              6:00-9:00     Hemet
21 Toasted Barrel     6-10             Corona
24 Tartan Room        7-11             Orange
25 Private Event      afternoon       I.E.
26 Private Event      afternoon       I.E.
27 Private Event      morning        O.C.
27 Dattilo                 6:00-9:00     Hemet
28 Toasted Barrel     6-10             Corona
31 Private Event      afternoon       I.E.