July 2021 posted by on July 13, 2021
Dear Friends, Fans, and Music Lovers
I’ll step away from my career news for a bit and
share a little personal story…
About 10 years ago,
my son married a beautiful lady from Utah
and they have been making their home up there.
(They have an incredible home !)
Now with 2 kids and good jobs they took a vacation
and came home last month. The kids were a blast
and I took them to the beach for the first time in their
lives….what a thrill to watch my son and his family
play in the Pacific Ocean…..priceless !!
It was a great visit.
Years ago my son turned to me and said…
“Dad do you know the song..
Cats In The Cradle by Harry Chapin ? “
I responded with a yes and we agreed we were living it.
Wishing you all….. beautiful vacations.
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I’m still Zooming Guitar Lessons and
in person from my home studio in West Covina.
Stay healthy & blessed