October 2023 posted by on October 9, 2023

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

I Love NYC !!

I just got back from Manhattan. One of my very

favorite vacation spots. Lots of music, food,

theatre, jazz and friends.

I was able to meet 2 of my Zoom guitar students

in person that started in 2020…sweet, sweet people.

Nice to meet you Jessica & Paulina,

and thank you Annie for being so gracious !

I heard some great jazz guitar at Birdland

and a 9 piece horn band at Smalls.

And long time friends Jay & Becky drove in for dinner.

Too much fun !

ok….back to reality…..

October 2023 Solo Shows

8 Private event Costa Mesa afternoon

12 Private event Whittier evening

15 One and All Church San Dimas evening

18 Private event Cucamonga afternoon

19 Private event Whittier evening

21 Private event Highland Park evening

25 Private event Glendora evening

26 Private event San Dimas afternoon

26 Private event Whittier evening

28 Private event Glendora evening

29 Private event Redlands evening

31 Private event Chino afternoon

31 Private event Covina afternoon

31 Private event Covina evening

Stay Blessed…….Mark

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