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Dear Friends Fans and Music Lovers

I’ve always looked at the music biz as one big pie.
If you choose it as a career, you might get a slice or two. I’ve been really blessed and fortunate in 40 plus years in many areas as a performer, studio musician, band leader, guitarist for hire, guitar teacher and music composer, music contractor and yea even
a jingle writer !

With the performing world in such a mess right now, 
I thought it might be a good time to share some memories. Here’s a favorite….

I was working as a band leader for a “entertainment agency” and  was contracted to lead a band at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, (now I’m a wedding singer). The agent gave me all the details which can be page after page and then said “at a certain point in the reception you will have a guest singer and you will know what to do, have fun !! “
So, it’s a beautiful reception and for the first dance the father of the bride wants to  stand on stage and give a toast. Well, he goes on and on about his love for his little girl and all the stories of her growing up and not a dry eye in the house and I’m getting choked up just thinking about my own daughter ! Then he says ” There’s nothing I would not give my daughter on her special day, so today I give you The King” and out of a side door in the room pops “Elvis”! All of a sudden the room is full of laughter and everyone is rolling in the floor !! “Elvis” walks up to me and says “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You in the key of E ” The band was laughing so hard we could hardly play….It was one of those moments.   🙂

Stay Blessed , Stay Well

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