February 2024 posted by on February 5, 2024

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Happy Valentines Day !

One of my favorite holidays… and yep

like many musicians I got the Romantic Heart.

As a matter of fact my first single off the new CD

Brand New Day is called First Love.

The title came from a friend

who heard me working on it and said “Mark,

that sounds like a young couple, with no money,

living in her mom’s house and he’s driving a

beat up old Chevy !!

It’s soooo romantic it sounds like …First Love “

That’s a pretty good scenario and

who hasn’t had a First Love ??

First Love features some Great Saxophone work

from the legendary Greg Vail !

I’m going to implement a new policy this month.

Instead of listing all of my private gigs I will just

wait until I start booking some more public gigs.

I’ve been really blessed since 2022 and have been

performing 10-15 times a month and teaching

a dozen private guitar lessons a week.

176 gigs for 2023…..I’m a grateful man !!

Feel free to email or call

Mcpgtrtrax@aol.com or 626-485-9266

Stay Blessed……..Mark

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