March 2022 posted by on March 10, 2022
Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers
I was teaching guitar to a couple of brothers
last week and said “Have you heard that song..
We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Encanto ? “
The 9 year old replied…”Everyone in the world has
heard that song, the teachers at school play
the Soundtrack everyday !!”
I get it….Latin Music Rocks !!
I wrote it out and can’t get it out of my head.
Good job Mr Miranda !
In the meantime….
March 2022
5 Toasted Barrel Corona evening
11 Private event Whittier evening
12 Toasted Barrel Corona. evening
14. Private Event Cucamonga, evening
17 Private event Upland, afternnon
18. Renaissance Esmeralda Indian Wells evening
19 Toasted Barrel Corona, evening
24 Private event Chino afternoon
25 Private event San Dimas afternoon
25 Private event Whittier evening
26.Toasted Barrel Corona, evening
Hope to see you soon
Blessings and Love……….Mark

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