January 2020 posted by on January 8, 2020
Dear Friends Fans and Music Lovers

Happy New Year !

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays,
family and friends !

I'm hitting the ground and running again,
so I'll make this short and sweet. New music
and good times are coming this next decade !
God bless you all and hope to see you soon

1   Private Event      afternoon      I.E.
3   Private Event      afternoon      O.C.
5   Tommy Bahama  5-9  111 Palm Canyon  PS  
8   Private Event      evening         I.E.
9   Private Event      afternoon       I.E.
10 Datillos   6-9    2288 Florida Av  Hemet
11 Private Event      evening         I.E.
18 Tommy Bahama  5-9  111 Palm Canyon  PS  
20 Private Event      afternoon       I.E.
22 Private Event      afternoon       I.E.
26 Tommy Bahama   1-5  111 Palm Canyon   PS  
29 Private Event      evening          O.C.