Vince Lewis Review posted by on October 10, 2012

Review by Vince Lewis – Guitar Instructor, Liberty University

Mark Carter

It’s About Time

Mark Carter Productions

Veteran player Mark Carter starts this CD out with a groovin’ original tune “Green is Beautiful,” and he keeps the energy going throughout. Although this recording is presented as “smooth-jazz” – and many listeners may categorize it as such – Carter is a fluid player with a drive that truly is exceptional. his original tunes contain solid chord progressions and catchy melody lines, and his overall style is of the George Benson mold in terms of phrasing and tone.

He has included a couple of pop standards in this collection (“Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” and “I Just Wanna Stop”), and they offer great examples of how quality compositions moved into an instrumental setting can remain just as musically effective as the original trieatment. The Carter composition “Alone With You” is a very nice pop-ballad, and his “Cats On The Beach” is reminiscent of the Herbie Hancock groove that both jazz fans and the general public can appreciate.

Carter’s years of performing in different musical settings, and his varied musical influences, have enabled him to develop a high-caliber sense of musicality. This CD is appropriately titled, and anyone who appreciates fine and honest guitar playing will truly enjoy it.

Reviewed by: Vince Lewis – Guitar Instructor, Liberty University

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