Review – West Coast Groove posted by on October 11, 2012

Mark Carter
West Coast Groove
Review by Jeff Charney

I have written about this guitarist before.  He can flat out play.  On “West Coast Groove” this guitarist shows that he can compete with the big boys with snappy songs and interesting and clever playing.  On “Brand New Love” Carter not only jams, he shows us new ideas on how to put notes together.  You know, originality.  Got to love it.  It’s high energy and hitting.  Saxophonist Eric Marienthal drops in on “Party On The Pier”, a quick paced track.  Even though Carter is the lead, Marienthal gets in some blowing licks!  Carter goes to town though.  Another saxophonist, Michael Paulo guests on the Carole King hit “Jazzman”.  The guys make it up and bright, but it’s a cover.  Hard to get excited about it.  Same goes for “Don’t Know Why”.  Frankly it is on the originals that Carter shines on.  He produces all of these with keyboardist Tim Redfield and they seem to have a solid musical bond.  “Dance For A Dreamer” and “midnight In The Marina” are also good songs for burning.

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