January 2024 posted by on January 1, 2024

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Happy New Year !

I’m a hoping you had a great 2023

Mine was busy with live gigs, teaching

and completing my 4th CD.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2024 !

Number 4 is titled Brand New Day

with 10 tunes I composed and produced.

It’s loaded with lot’s of great friends and musicians:

Baba Elefante, Tony Guerrero, Jon Hartmann

Scottie Haskell,Tateng Katendig, Colin Mitchell,

Felix Nunez, Ron Otis, Greg Vail, Mark Visher,

and Darryl Williams

As most of you know I make a living playing

other peoples music and I love it .

Making my own CD’s is just another place in my heart

where I let my guitar do all the singing, which is my first love.

If you would like to join me on this part of my journey

The Mark Carter Record Store is alive and well…

Brand New Day is $15 and I’ll pay the postage.

The Boxed Set is $40 and I’ll pay the postage.

(All 4 Cd’s including:

I’ts About TIme, West Coast Groove,

Smooth As Silk and Brand New Day)

You can email or call and we can schedule a payment

Mcpgtrtrax@aol.com or 626-485-9266

I’m looking forward to placing a new single on radio

and your help will go to that part of the adventure

Stay Blessd……..Mark