July 2024 posted by on July 15, 2024

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

I hope everyone had a nice July 4th

I had a good time rocking the seniors of Whittier CA

Nothin like waving ol’ Glory one more time .

I added a tune this year from Brooks and Dunn

“Only In America” . It’s the only tune I know

that mentions LA , NYC, and Oklahoma.

Love the lyrics…fun tune !

I had a nice visit from my life long buddy John A

last week. John and I began playing guitar together

when we were 12. His family is from MO and mine is from OK.

He ran his own furniture repair shop up

in Sacrmento and just retired to Tuscon AZ….

So there we were in the living room pickin out

old Bluegrass tunes and even some Ventures !

Music can sure take you back in a heartbeat.

Good Times !

That friendship has lasted a long time because

of our love for Music and I was thinking the other day….

How many people have I met because of Music

in my lifetime??…..it’s impossible to count.

What a beautiful way to connect with people,

Music….and I’m a grateful man.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

Love from West Covina CA………Mark

June 2024 posted by on June 24, 2024
Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Well....I'm late !

I hope everyone is staying cool out there.

I've been working on another CD and

singin the Technology Blues this month.

My recording equipment is getting older and I

decided to go shopping and dive into some new

gear. There's always a learning curve involved

with this stuff and it just takes time.

Anyways, I'm a few more steps down the line today

and thought I'd say hi.

I've been juggling all that with teaching

and private gigs...and I'm still a busy boy !

I got lot's of friends that have retired lately...

but they ain't musicians !

Stay healthy my friends

Until next time..........Mark
May 2024 posted by on May 8, 2024
Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather

we are having here in So Cal.

I'd like to share a little about Guitar teaching the

past few years. The High School age that I teach

has almost zero interest in today's Pop music.

Most of my current students are interested in

Music Theory or Jazz Guitar studies and a bit

of Classic Rock.. My how the world has changed !

I remember back in the 80's when EVERY new

student would want to start at Eddie Van Halen :)

My current students are much more open to

any kind of music that has stood the test of time.

I shared the following story on Facebook

and its a good example of what I'm seeing....

I was playing at a local country club a couple of weeks

ago and asked for request. A young guy 12 or 13 years

old ask if I could play Polka Dots and Moonbeams

by Wes Montgomery !! I asked him how he knew that song

and he said he was playing bass in the school band.

....Yea Band Programs !!

There's nothing wrong with Billie Eillish or

Taylor Swift but there is a new generation of

music students that wants more.

The future is looking bright my friends .


The new CD "Brand New Day"

has hit 3 million streams worldwide

It's available now on YouTube and all the streaming

platforms. The next single being released ts

"Mi Senorita de San Juan"....Enjoy !

Until next time...

Stay Blessed........Mark
April 2024 posted by on April 11, 2024

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers


Spring has sprung ..but not in the desert !!

I’m Rancho Mirage today and about to play at

a private country club…..It’s 93 degrees !!


I took a little spring break myself with a road

trip to see my son and his family in Utah.

Church on Easter with his wife’s family for dinner.

Shopping with the Gkids (because that’s what we do)

Jason and I snuck into to town to hear a Jazz trio

at a coffee shop and we went to a Gypsy Jazz Jam

with guitars in hand.

Nothing like playing guitar with your son !

and……he got 2 gigs out of it 🙂


My new CD “Brand New Day” has hit 2 million

streams worldwide and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s available now on YouTube and all the streaming

platforms. If you get a minute, give it a spin and

let me know what you think the next single should be.


Ok..I’m off and a runnin…ughhhhh…pickin that is !

Until next time…

Stay Blessed……..Mark

March 2024 posted by on March 12, 2024
Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Happy St Patty's  Day !

Here's a thought....

Isn't it amazing that in this country

we celebrate St Patty's Day AND

Spring Break in the same month ??

That's some serious partying going on folks

Only in America ! 


In March I always celebrate the birth of 

Wes Montgomery, one of the greatest Jazz Guitarist

to walk this planet. I recently wrote and recorded

another tune to honor Wes,..."Naptown"

He was born in Indianapolis Indiana

and laid to rest there also.

This track features some incrediable Organ

playing by my good buddy Jon Hartmann.

You can check it out on my newest CD

Brand New Day.

And speaking of the new CD,...

Jazz Guitar Today wrote a beautiful review of  it

last month and Smoothjazz.com is doing an excellent

job of promoting it to over 200 stations around

the globe with over 1.76 Million streams 

in less then a month ....Grateful !!!

Well, there's strings to change, lessons to write,

another gig to play, some recording to work on,

and tires to rotate !

Until nest time...

Stay Blessed........Mark
February 2024 posted by on February 5, 2024

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Happy Valentines Day !

One of my favorite holidays… and yep

like many musicians I got the Romantic Heart.

As a matter of fact my first single off the new CD

Brand New Day is called First Love.

The title came from a friend

who heard me working on it and said “Mark,

that sounds like a young couple, with no money,

living in her mom’s house and he’s driving a

beat up old Chevy !!

It’s soooo romantic it sounds like …First Love “

That’s a pretty good scenario and

who hasn’t had a First Love ??

First Love features some Great Saxophone work

from the legendary Greg Vail !

I’m going to implement a new policy this month.

Instead of listing all of my private gigs I will just

wait until I start booking some more public gigs.

I’ve been really blessed since 2022 and have been

performing 10-15 times a month and teaching

a dozen private guitar lessons a week.

176 gigs for 2023…..I’m a grateful man !!

Feel free to email or call

Mcpgtrtrax@aol.com or 626-485-9266

Stay Blessed……..Mark

January 2024 posted by on January 1, 2024

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Happy New Year !

I’m a hoping you had a great 2023

Mine was busy with live gigs, teaching

and completing my 4th CD.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2024 !

Number 4 is titled Brand New Day

with 10 tunes I composed and produced.

It’s loaded with lot’s of great friends and musicians:

Baba Elefante, Tony Guerrero, Jon Hartmann

Scottie Haskell,Tateng Katendig, Colin Mitchell,

Felix Nunez, Ron Otis, Greg Vail, Mark Visher,

and Darryl Williams

As most of you know I make a living playing

other peoples music and I love it .

Making my own CD’s is just another place in my heart

where I let my guitar do all the singing, which is my first love.

If you would like to join me on this part of my journey

The Mark Carter Record Store is alive and well…

Brand New Day is $15 and I’ll pay the postage.

The Boxed Set is $40 and I’ll pay the postage.

(All 4 Cd’s including:

I’ts About TIme, West Coast Groove,

Smooth As Silk and Brand New Day)

You can email or call and we can schedule a payment

Mcpgtrtrax@aol.com or 626-485-9266

I’m looking forward to placing a new single on radio

and your help will go to that part of the adventure

Stay Blessd……..Mark

December 2023 posted by on December 4, 2023

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

Just a quick note to wish you and yours

the best of this Holiday Season and a

new year filled with love, joy, dreams, 

and a home filled with lots of music !!

December 2023 Solo Shows

2 Divan restaurant Tustin 6-9 pm 

3 Private event Redlands evening

7 Private event Whittier evening

9 Esmeralda Hotel Indiann Wells  6-9pm

10 Private event Los Alimitos evening

14 Private event San Dimas afternoon

15 Private event Whittier evening

20 Private event Cucamonga afternoon

20 Private event Glendora evening

21 Private event La Mirada afternoon

21 Private event Whittier evening

24 Private event Costa Mesa afternoon

30 Private event Covina afternoon

Merry  Christmas.......Mark
November 2023 posted by on November 6, 2023

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Happy Thanksgiving !

What a year !

I have so much to be grateful for.

Love from family, friends and work !

This year turned into one of the busiest I’ve ever had

And I’ve had a dozen music hungry guitar students

every week learning to rock the world !

I also enjoyed some nice travels to see family and friends

Utah, Arizona, and New York….fun !

And finally I’m proud to announce my 4th CD is coming around the bend.

Just a few last details and it will be ready by the first of the year.

Some great musicians jumped in on this project

and this one is self produced with some good help.

I think you’ll like the results…stay tuned .

November 2023 Solo Shows

1 Private event Covina afternoon

2 Private event Whittier evening

3 Private event Pasadena evening

8 Private event Chino afternoon

9 Private event Upland afternoon

9 Private event Whittier evening

11 Private event La Mirada evening

16 Private event San Dimas afternoon

16 Private event Whittier evening

18 Private event Glendora afternoon

22 Private event Brea afternoon

26 Private event Glendora afternoon

30 Private event Whittier afternoon

Stay Blessed…….Mark

October 2023 posted by on October 9, 2023

Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

I Love NYC !!

I just got back from Manhattan. One of my very

favorite vacation spots. Lots of music, food,

theatre, jazz and friends.

I was able to meet 2 of my Zoom guitar students

in person that started in 2020…sweet, sweet people.

Nice to meet you Jessica & Paulina,

and thank you Annie for being so gracious !

I heard some great jazz guitar at Birdland

and a 9 piece horn band at Smalls.

And long time friends Jay & Becky drove in for dinner.

Too much fun !

ok….back to reality…..

October 2023 Solo Shows

8 Private event Costa Mesa afternoon

12 Private event Whittier evening

15 One and All Church San Dimas evening

18 Private event Cucamonga afternoon

19 Private event Whittier evening

21 Private event Highland Park evening

25 Private event Glendora evening

26 Private event San Dimas afternoon

26 Private event Whittier evening

28 Private event Glendora evening

29 Private event Redlands evening

31 Private event Chino afternoon

31 Private event Covina afternoon

31 Private event Covina evening

Stay Blessed…….Mark