November 2019 posted by on November 9, 2019
Dear Friends Fans and Music Lovers

Happy Thanksgiving....
I hope we all have a moment to
give thanks with friends. family, and loved ones.

I'm truly grateful for another year to spend time
with my children and their children, play lots of guitar, 
enjoy a day at the beach, worship at the church of my choice,
enjoy a yoga class, go for a hike, hear the best musicians
in the world on any given night....
and drive a classic mustang :)

May we all enjoy these coming holidays

2   Billingsley's        7-10  11326  W Pico Blvd  LA
3   Private Event      afternoon      O.C.
6   Private Event      evening         I.E.
7   Private Event      afternoon      I.E.
8   Tommy Bahama 5-9   111 Palm Canyon        PS 
9   Billingsley's      7-10  11326  W Pico Blvd   LA 
15 Private Event      evening         I.E
16 Billingsley's       7-10  11326  W Pico Blvd   LA 
19 Tartan Room         7-11   2652 N Tustin St  Orange
20 Private Event      evening         I.E.
27 Private Event      evening         O.C.
28 Private Event      evening         I.E.
30 Billingsley's       7-10  11326  W Pico Blvd   LA 

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