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Dear Friends Fans and Music Lovers

Diggin through my files and I found this little gem,
I hope you enjoy…

Back in 2004 I became the owner of a beautifully restored 1966 Mustang Coupe. Actually the cosmetics were great and I have learned the art of spending time and money under the hood 🙂  It is a crazy obsession and it has NEVER been my work car,  until….

In 2007 I also had a work car, 1994 Chevy Astro Van.
I kept it for 14 years and put 359,000 miles on the original engine. I was busy playing all over So Cal. I got a call to play at a 50th birthday party in Pasadena.
The day of the event came and my Astro Van broke down on a errand I was running before the gig. It was a 100 degree day and I was 10 miles from home The Van would not get out of second gear and the Air Conditioner and electric windows would not work I had to drive side streets with the door open to get air.I got home, put on a old classic car shirt and put some nice clothes and my equipment in the Mustang

Off I went to a very nice home in Pasadena where the husband of the birthday girl was standing in the driveway. He stepped back and took a good look at the car and said “Wow Mark, what a great idea to bring that car !!  I want you to take that car right down to the end of the driveway. Can you set up your gear and perform there ? ” 

Sooooo ALL DAY at the party, the guest were coming up to the CAR !! Guest asking me….
” Can we take a picture with it ?  “
” Did Bob buy this for his wife’s 50th ? “
” Will you play Mustang Sally AGAIN ? “
“Oh honey you didn’t have to buy me THIS !! “

I’ve played second fiddle to a lot of great musicians and artist in my time. But on this day it was all about The Pony !!

Stay Blessed , Stay Well

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