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Hi Friends, Fans and Music Lovers

Lot’s of private gigs this month folk’s

Sooooooo it’s Story Time …

I’m a long time Tom Scott fan !

I saw him back in the 70’s at Cal State Fullerton

I bought his LA Express records and dug his playing.

Check out his name in Wiki.

Back in 2008 he saluted the great Cannonball Adderley

The same year I got a call to take my band

and play my music at a private party in Bel Air CA.

It was some party !! When the live Llamas arrived for

the kids petting zoo,…well, you get the picture.

So the band plays a set and we take a break

and I put on Tom Scott’s new release for break music.

I walk over to the bar and who is standing there

Tom Scott ! We talked and later the host asked me if

Tom could play a couple of tunes….

We were honored…What a treat for everyone !!

I just saw Tom again this past weekend at a Jazz Club

He’s still burnin’ it up…….Great Scott !!

July 2023 Solo Shows

2 Private event Glendora evening

3 Private event Covina afternoon

4 Private event Chino Hills afternoon

4 Private event San Dimas afternoon

6 Private event La Mirada afternoon

6 Private event Whittier evening

13 Private event Upland early afternoon

13 Private event Upland late afternoon

14 Private event Chino afternoon

19 Private event Cucamonga afternoon

20 Private event San Dimas afternoon

20 Private event Whittier evening

21 Private event Redondo Beach afternoon

26 Private event Brea afternoon

27 Private event Whittier early afternoon

27 Private event Whittier late afternoon

28 Private event La Mirada afternoon

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